In-Core Computation of Geometric Centralities with HyperBall: A Hundred Billion Nodes and Beyond
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Great paper! ### Comparison to existing methods: Doing some experimental comparisons against [Eppstein and Wang 2004]( for the closeness centrality might be interesting. ### Typos: - $|\mathscr{B}_{G}(v,t)|-|\mathscr{B}_{G}(v,t-1)|$ instead of $|\mathscr{B}_{G}(v,t+1)|-|\mathscr{B}_{G}(v,t)|$. This is corrected in the other formula on centralities. - "the the reciprocal of a" - "can be easily computed in a cumulative fashion nothing that" - "on the approximation the diameter" - "its importance it by 1/2" ### Minors: - "Nodes with empty coreachable set have centrality 1 by definition" . By definition the coreachable set of a node is never empty, it contains at least the concerned node.
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