Why is the system called papers gamma? Why γ?
Papersγ is named after γ-wave, a pattern of neural oscillation in humans,
that is possibly related to conscious perception.
What do you do you do with my papers/comments/user-info?
We distribute them across scientific community.
By using this site you authorise us to do this.

We respect GDRP and related laws. All user-generated content, including user names, is freely available online. The content displayed on the site, together with necessary meta-infomation, is also available to bulk download for backup purposes. Sensitive user data (passwords, email addresses, etc) is not available to download, unless explicitly made open by user, for example using 'about' page. If you want to exercise the right to be forgotten you may yourself delete all your posts or write Sergey Kirgizov. Please write me for any other question or suggestion.
I found a bug? How can I report it?
You can either write me a mail or create a ticket.
Where is the source code?
Feel free to consider this page.
Which features are planned for the near future?
Please, check our current TODO list.
Do you accept donations?
Of course we do:
  • Use this button
  • Or contact me if you want to became a sponsor or partner.